PDTSQL Server for Xojo

Black Friday Sale!  Get PDTSQL Server for only $50!!!

Finally, a simple, low cost embeddable database server for Xojo.  This server consists of a set of XOJO objects based on SQLite that allows programmers to easily create a custom database server for small applications where the use of a full enterprise class database is too much.  For a low one time payment of $75, you can distribute an unlimited number of applications built with these components.

PDTSQL Server is designed for small applications with 10 or so users and low concurrency requirements.  WIth a large set of defined events, you can easily customize the behavior of the server.  The client classes emulate the SQLite database objects as closely as possible to make converting existing applications easier.

Both the client and server are written in 100% Xojo and therefore do not require a database license.

Demo package includes source code to a sample server and application.  In addition, source code for the client objects is also provided to help with your evaluation and testing.

Full source to the server objects is included in the purchased package.

Classes and applications were developed with Xojo 2018r1 and tested on OSX Sierra.  Please test thoroughly with your environment to make sure it meets your needs before purchasing.
If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact us at support@pdtsoftware.com or click on the "Contact Us" button above.
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